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    This extra large magnetic key hider is ideal for attaching 2 or 3 keys to any steel object. Helps avoids lock-outs. Consists of 2 strong magnets and secure sliding lid. Not suitable for car keys.

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    Designed to hold 1 or 2 standard front door keys. Looks like a rock so will not look out of place when concealed in a flowerbed or rockery. Reduces the risk of expensive locksmith call out charges.

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    Tear-resistant nylon pouch attaches keys or cash to non-magnetic surfaces. Water-resistant adhesive anchors mounting pad to any clean surface. Effective hook and loop system secures pouch to pad, makes pouch removal easy.

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    This novel and unique key hider looks like a regular sprinkler head. Unscrew to open and close. Tough water-tight plastic case; push it into the dirt around shrubs or walkways. Holds multiple keys. Keeps spare keys safe and never get locked out

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    Coin holder doubles as a key chain. Flexible plastic opens with a simple squeeze

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    Perfect for cars or hiding spares. Two heavy-duty magnets keep hider in place on any metal surface. Easy slide lid on rugged plastic box keeps keys secure and dry. Will not rust shut.External Dimensions: 75mm (3") x 45mm (1.75") x 15mm (0.60").

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    This is our new and largest magnetic key hider, designed specifically for car keys. 2 large magnets allow you to attach out of sight on to anything magnetic (like the underneath of a vehicle).

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items