Sliding glass door lock, die-cast body, stainless steel ratchet, operated by the same key



Delivery charges

Should you require more than 25 units of this product, please contact the manufacturer direct using the following link Camlock Systems Ltd. Please provide the product name or code number and the quantity you require, then a member of the company's Technical Sales team will respond to you. We regret that the maximum quantity you can order on One Stop Locks is 25

Product description

The body of this lock for sliding glass doors is manufactured from die-cast zinc alloy (specification DIN-EN 1774-ZnAl4Cu1) and the sliding ratchet is stainless steel (AISI 304). The finish is bright chrome plating. Suitable for glass doors of up to 6mm thick. Can be used not only to secure sliding glass doors on retail displays and showcases but also metal drawers, metal cabinets and post boxes.

The ratchet bar is clamped to one of the glass doors and the lock slides along the bar to a position where the two glass panels overlap. When the lock is closed, neither pane of glass can be moved. The locking mechanism is of the disk tumbler type. Supplied keyed alike with two keys.