Vibration resistant lock with long rear shaft, 6mm compression, 8mm tri drive driver



Delivery charges

Should you require more than 25 units of this product, please contact the manufacturer direct using the following link Camlock Systems Ltd. Please provide the product name or code number and the quantity you require, then a member of the company's Technical Sales team will respond to you. We regret that the maximum quantity you can order on One Stop Locks is 25

Product description

The 040-2 is designed for applications that may be subject to vibrations, such as construction equipment, machinery covers and trackside cabinets, and also provides good noise insulation. The lock provides compression of up to 6mm. The locking action is two stage: turning 90° moves the cam into the locking position, turning a further 90° releases the cam into place and provides the compression.

The housing and driver are of die-cast alloy construction with a chrome plated finish. The body length is 32mm.

Fits in a cut-out of 22.2mm diameter, 20.2mm wide.

Supplied with a 27.5mm cranked cam, of 33mm in length measured from the centre of the fixing hole to the tip of the cam.  Provides a minimum grip of 13.5mm and a maximum grip of 85mm.