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    Genuine KeyBak premium retracting key reel using a 1.2m (48") nylon covered Kevlar cord making it ideal for carrying keys, GSP, small tools or other items. Ideal for attaching to belts or clothing. The case is moulded from durable and resilient polycarbonate. Tested in excess of 100,000 extension cycles.

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    A serious retracting reel. This unit can pivot in the direction of use to reduce friction to the cord and provide extended life. Usually attached securely to belts up to 58mm (2-1/4") wide or directly to the waistbands of trousers, skirts etc. Possible applications would include attaching to craft knives, torches, 2-way radios, mobile phones, small...

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    Original, genuine 'KeyBak' design. Lightweight and inconspicuous. Retracting flat steel chain allows use of keys at a length of 600mm (24").  The 50mm (2") case finished in matt black incorporates a belt clip for easy attachment.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items