Plug lock, 10 pin locking insert, operated by a different key



Delivery charges

Should you require more than 25 units of this product, please contact the manufacturer direct using the following link Camlock Systems Ltd. Please provide the product name or code number and the quantity you require, then a member of the company's Technical Sales team will respond to you. We regret that the maximum quantity you can order on One Stop Locks is 25

Product description

A variation on the common types of locking insert, this plug lock features an integral locking pin at the rear. This lock type is widely used in lockable parking posts and bollards, as well as being incorporated into many and various other applications.

It incorporates a 10 pin radial pin tumbler mechanism to provide a good level of security for unsupervised locations. The construction is all brass, with a polished chrome finish. An anti drill centre enhances resistance to physical attack. Supplied keyed to differ.