Quarter turn locks

Quarter turn locks locks are very simple and robust fastenings, most of which are operated by a widely available key or tool, although some types incorporate a simple lock. All offer ease of operation and are ideal for applications where regular access is required.

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  • Swing handles
    Cam operation swing handles designed for electrical and electronic equipment panels, cabinets and other industrial enclosures.
  • Accessories
    We have a range of accessories to suit our tamper proof locks . These include quarter turn keys, dust covers, fixing plates and anti-rotation washers.
  • Quarter turn locks
    Quarter turn cam locks are operated by an industry-standard spanner key or tool, the edge of a coin or by hand.  Types of quarter turn cam lock drive include double bit, square, tri-drive/triangular and screwdriver slot.  
  • Padlockable
    This quarter turn cam latch that requires no key to operate it, making it appropriate for use on lockers and on cabinets that may need to be kept secure on occasions, such as electrical & electronic panels and machinery guards. Can be secured by a padlock.
  • Cam locks
    A range of cam locks operated by, variously, an industry-standard spanner (or ‘budget’) type key, a screwdriver, the edge of a coin or hand operated. Robust yet simple locks.
  • Compression locks
    A range of three compression locks of a high quality. Suitable for applications that require the lock to achieve a light compression force, for example where a seal has to be made.