Special purpose locks

Our range of special purpose locks includes: cable locks, parking post locks and glass door locks.

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  • Cable locks
    A lock that prevents the theft, misuse and loss of keys, also unauthorized keys being cut. Provides good security, durability and reliability for those who use keys frequently as part of their job.
  • Safe locks
    A multi-purpose lock made from grey painted steel, widely used on safes, deed or strongboxes. 
  • Tension latch
      Also known as an over centre catch, this medium sized, throw-over type of catch is of relatively heavy-duty construction and is made from steel.
  • Glass door locks
    A range of glass door locks: including glass door cabinets and casement locks.
  • Parking post locks
    A plug lock widely used in lockable parking posts and bollards. Its 10 pin radial pin tumbler mechanism provides a good level of security and the anti-drill centre enhances resistance to physical attack.