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  • Cam locks

      Onestop locks stocks a wide range of radial pin tumbler (RPT) and disc tumbler cam locks. These include a variety of sizes and different key operations suitable for many applications, for example to secure a door, cabinet, enclosure or flap or to control mechanical linkages.   Our range of cam locks are supplied with a 40mm flat double punched cam as standard but additional sizes are available on the lock accessories page. Pay securely online with no minimum order.    

  • Quarter turn locks

    Quarter turn locks locks are very simple and robust fastenings, most of which are operated by a widely available key or tool, although some types incorporate a simple lock. All offer ease of operation and are ideal for applications where regular access is required.

  • Hinges

    Hinges suitable for many applications. Includes screw on, bolt on, stud fixing, spring loaded and stainless steel.

  • Switchlocks

    Also known as key operated switches. Turning the key operates an electrical switch incorporated into these locks.

  • Pushlocks

    Pushlocks work on a push-to-lock/key-to-unlock principle and are generally intended for use on double sliding doors or other applications where the lock is required to prevent lateral movement.

  • Furniture locks

    Our range of wooden furniture rim locks incorporates the latest locking technology and our metal office furniture locks will appeal to manufacturers looking for quick fixing and competitive prices.

  • Vending machine locks

    Pop-out T-handles are the preferred locking mechanism for the vast majority of vending machines and to provide you with maximum flexibility, most of our T-handles will accept any of a range of eight locking inserts.

  • Special purpose locks

    Our range of special purpose locks includes: cable locks, parking post locks and glass door locks.

  • Lock accessories
    A range of accessories such as dust caps and different cams.